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Higher education

There are three levels of higher education programmes in Latvia ā€” Bachelor, Master and Doctor. Universities and colleges implement academic and professional higher education programmes, as well as scientific activities, research and artistic creativeness. Colleges provide first level professional higher education programmes. Colleges can act as colleges established by higher educational establishments or as independent educational establishments.

Academic higher education programmes are based on fundamental and applied science. The aim of the academic education is to secure the acquisition of theoretical background and skills for scientific research, gradually preparing for independent scientific research in the chosen scientific field or sub-field. The State Academic Higher Education Standard determines the education content and scope of academic higher education. Passing exams and the development of bachelor or masterā€™s thesis is an integral part of the academic higher education. Upon successful completion of academic study programme students receive the bachelor or master's degree.

Professional higher education programmes are based on fundamental and applied science that ensures opportunities to prepare for professional activities. The State Standard for First Level Professional Higher Education and the State Standard for Second Level Professional Higher Education determine the content and scope of professional higher education. Passing state exams is an integral part of professional higher education programme. Upon completion of the second level professional higher education programmes, students receive the professional bachelor or  master's degree and the corresponding professional qualification.

Bachelor's degree is awarded to a group of related fields of science. In Latvia, students can receive the bachelor's degree in: education, humanities and arts, social science, natural sciences, engineering sciences, agriculture, health care.

Master's degree or its equivalent for completing higher education programme is required for admission to doctoral studies. Doctoral studies include advanced studies of the subject in the relevant study programme and a scientific research and creative skills development. Doctoral thesis is an integral part of the doctoral study programme to receive the doctoral degree. Promotion Council grants the doctoral degree after public defence of a doctoral thesis. Doctoral degree certifies scientific qualification.

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